Zdjęcie profilowe

My name is Przemek Smyrdek, I’m a software engineer and knowledge sharing advocate. I want to help you grow and work better by sharing everything I learned during my programming journey.

For the most part of my career I’ve been focused on web development (front-end, to be more precise), but after falling in love with knowledge sharing I decided to extend my areas of interest with activities like writing, public speaking and podcasting.

I strongly beliveve that successful programmers should work on many different skills other than coding, and this place is a tool I’m using to spread this attitude with a broader audience.

By staying here for a bit longer you’ll have a chance to learn how to communicate better, work more efficiently, collaborate with others, and just make the impact. If you’re a beginner, I’m going to show you how to navigate your career and make conscious steps forward. If you’re already an experienced specialist, I’ll help you extend your technical skills with a whole new set of ideas you can use to reinvent yourself once again.

Just give it five minutes.